Hi there, I’m Brooke.

I’ve been a “text-book creative” my whole life (according to my dad). Curious, messy, artistic, a little weird, expressive, a round peg amongst square holes. So, when I discovered that being a Creative Director was a career, it was as if my whole life called (SFX: iPhone ringtone) and I quickly answered, “Hi there, I’m Brooke”.

After that realization, I attended Graphic Design classes at night where I met my mentor who introduced me to a little thing called: Advertising. I followed him over to his new Portfolio School that he had started in his garage. I studied Art Direction there and eventually realized AD’s don’t write their own headlines. Hellooo Copywriting! This was the pivotal moment where all my strengths combined (like Captain Planet). Since then, I’ve won a few awards, snagged a couple trademarks for some great clients, and I’ve learned a whole lot. The journey continues, and so does my passion for the work. If you’ve got an exciting project, I’m game. Where’s the brief?

Some other tidbits:

My personal tagline: The girl next door to “the girl next door”.

I’m a Copywriter with Art Direction chops. (Double the threat, double the fun.)

2008 graduate of The Ohio State University. Buckeye for life. BA in Social and Behavior Sciences.

I live in Ocean Beach, California.

I love making art. Check out my pop-surrealist collages here.


 ”Brooke is a creative genius.” – Dad

“Brooke has unlimited potential. She has the creative chops, positive attitude and commitment to achieve phenomenal things in her work and career. Her POV is extremely valuable to the agency and gives us a unique perspective that nails the millennial audiences.” – Craig Alshin, CD